Life in Bali. Fire at Gourmet Garage. Complete Burn-Out


This is what used to be the dining area. This was a good spot where we had our meetings in Jimbaran here.

I was going to meet my buddy today for a lunchtime meeting at Lotus Distribution.  And… it was gone!  The place had burned down.

I first heard the news from my buddy.  He called me and told me that Gourmet Garage had burned down. I thought that was nonsense, the place had just been there yesterday.  And it had been there for as long as I have been in Bali.  Haakon’s somewhat of a joker too, so I thought he was kidding around.

The roof is burnt out at the lobby of Gourmet Garage

Not at all.  Indeed the entire Gourmet Garage building is burnt to a crisp.  Nothing but charred walls and a roof that looks like its about to collapse.  Unbelievable.  Incredible considering we had just filmed the place on Monday for our video blog.   The parking lot was full of reefer trucks, presumably doing the work of what the walk-in freezers used to do.

We found Gina, our longtime cashier friend, sitting amongst a big pile of machinery in the parking lot.  There was the Rational oven and the state-of-the-art Italian gelato machine, salvaged from the fire.  Gina told us that no-one got hurt and the place had burned down at 9 pm last night.



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