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Stopping for an ice-cream in Nusa Dua

There’s a little hidden ice-cream shop in Nusa Dua that has some of the tastiest gelato we’ve come across.  It’s inside the St. Regis hotel and there’s nothing quite like the air of opulence of going to a 5-star resort for an ice-cream. 


These flowers smell nice. They’re floating in little tubs of water. I think it keeps them fresh.



Eka’s checking out the selection of ice-cream. She’s pretty happy to be here.


These are some of the unique flavors they have here. Probably the strangest one is tamarillo. It’s velvety red, tastes like a sour tomato.


Oh yes, petit fours. The green tea cheese-cake is luscious and soft. I like.


TWG tea. Good stuff. This is luxury s**t.


Oh yeah, they have free chocolate chip cookies. A bit hard for me but Eka loves em.

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