Stopping for an ice-cream in Nusa Dua

There’s a little hidden ice-cream shop in Nusa Dua that has some of the tastiest gelato we’ve come across.  It’s inside the St. Regis hotel and there’s nothing quite like the air of opulence of going to a 5-star resort for an ice-cream. 


These flowers smell nice. They’re floating in little tubs of water. I think it keeps them fresh.



Eka’s checking out the selection of ice-cream. She’s pretty happy to be here.


These are some of the unique flavors they have here. Probably the strangest one is tamarillo. It’s velvety red, tastes like a sour tomato.


Oh yes, petit fours. The green tea cheese-cake is luscious and soft. I like.


TWG tea. Good stuff. This is luxury s**t.


Oh yeah, they have free chocolate chip cookies. A bit hard for me but Eka loves em.

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Top Ten Aman Resorts


What is an Aman Resort?

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Consistently described as the best hotel chain in the world, Aman Resorts consists of 29 exclusive properties which, despite all being completely unique, share the brand’s core traits of outstanding service, small room numbers, world-class facilities and beautiful surroundings, whether those be forests, jungles, deserts, cities or snow-capped mountains. The most important shared trait of all Aman properties is the exquisite service; a beguiling combination of discretion and read-your-mind attentiveness, every need will be met before you even became aware of it. As if to counter the growing problem of luxury hotels the world over increasingly merging into mirror images of one another, Aman properties are unique in the way every resort sensitively interacts with its environs; the majority of staff are always from the surrounding areas, buildings are designed to echo traditional building styles and materials, food is a tasteful blend of Western and local and each property offers a range of cultural…

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Oh Bali, I Love You!


Awesome time in Bali!

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Freshly minted with a vacation tan, don’t be jealous! ;)

PLUS we had a pro camera tagging along, courtesy of Cheryla, so we actually have non-blurry, non-filtered pictures to remember the good times! BIG kisses to my boyfriend who was so stressed at one point in time (teaching QM how to ride a bike, and pillion-ing two girls); and to the awesome girlfriends who made it so fun! <3 <3

We ate superbly, at La Lucciola, Warung Eny and Sardine. Unfortunately did not get a chance to try out new places this time round but I’ve heard Merah Putih along the same Jl. Petitenget is also excellent. Next time!

All picture credits to @lushxlife

Rolling around







Being cultural







Eating well




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